Our E-Liquids


We pride ourselves for offering the highest quality e-liquids made in the US according to the highest standards and with the best available ingredients to guarantee unparalleled taste and quality.

There is no on premise mixing or "modifying" so as to guarantee total manufacturer purity.

With over 150 different flavors in 30, 60, 100 and 120 ml in 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine, you are sure to find your pleasure!

Why wikivapes

About two years ago after smoking for over 30 years and trying to quit several times, I discovered vaping.   Sure I had heard of electronic cigarettes and even tried them, the kind you bought at a convenience store, and had been seriously disappointed. So, I casually walked into a vape shop to see what this was all about. I spent about an hour asking questions and trying some of the flavors available. I was so pleasantly surprised that I decided to give it a try and see if it could finally be a satisfying alternative to my tobacco habit.

That day was the last day I ever touched a tobacco product. It has now been well over a year and I am totally tobacco free. Gone are the days of tobacco smoke reeking car, home and clothes.  Gone are the days of the early morning cough and wheezing, gone are the expensive days of cigarettes and cigars.  For a smoker, it is very hard to give up that smooth and relaxing feeling of a cigarette, cigar or pipe but as I experienced, you don’t need to stop having this feeling.  Just because you want to quit smoking doesn’t mean you have to give up the satisfying feeling of smoking.

After over a year without tobacco, I feel great and not only am I truly enjoying my peaceful vaping times, it has become a real hobby.  I feel so great in fact and believe in it so much that as I retired from professional life, I decided to share my passion by opening wikivapes.

The wiki Mission

At wikivapes, we want to create a comfortable environment for our customers to talk about vaping, learn about products and methods, try a variety of juices and share experience and knowledge.  wikivapes is all about genuine service in a congenial setting.  For new and experienced Vapers alike, wikivapes aims to offer a solid variety of personal vaporizers and related products. Whether regulated or mechanical MODS, RDAs, RBAs, Clearomizers, parts, tools and batteries, we try to carry those items that will make your experience a great one and if we do not have what you are seeking, for sure we can get it.

For those new to vaping or wanting a pleasant alternative to tobacco, we will spend all the time necessary to explain, in detail, what vaping is all about, what equipment exists and if the desire is there, we will suggest equipment alternatives to start you off with something that fits your needs.

wikivapes, where vaping is a pleasure and vapers go! 

Diderik Van Regemorter, Owner.